At DataSysTek, we view our role as that of a strategic partner and function 100 percent as a seamless extension of our clients’ litigation support department. Thus, the success of our clients is our success. We provide expert consulting on the following:

  • Set up of a litigation support department
  • Document retention policies
  • Legal hold application
  • FRCP 26(F) Meet and Confer
  • Litigation strategy that includes production formats and database considerations

Data Culling and Processing

At DataSysTek, we apply the same level of detail to every project, whether small or large. Our data science analysts utilize culling and data management strategies aimed at reducing your data set. Our processing methodology meets and exceeds industry standard, buttressed by a robust infrastructure and processing environment which allows us to thread multiple processors to meet any demand. Our project managers execute every project with rigorous quality checking criteria that ensures the highest quality deliverable or end product. Our processing includes the following:

  • Pinpointing and resolving problem data issues
  • De-nisting
  • De-duplication
  • Metadata extraction
  • Filtering
  • Analytics

Digital Forensics Investigations

From collection of digital evidence to preservation and analysis, our experts help our clients recover, reconstruct, and analyze data in accordance with federal and state rules. We look at every client’s need and develop customized solutions and strategies which allow our client’s to build a strong case in an effective and cost efficient manner. Our expert forensics services include the following:

  • Cellphone and Smartphone
  • Data Deletion, Data Wiping and Spoliation Detection
  • Data Recovery
  • Database Forensics
  • Data Collection
  • Email Analysis and Investigations
  • Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Internal Corporate Investigations
  • iPhone, Android, and Blackberry Forensic Data Recovery
  • Remote Data Recovery
  • Remote Data Collection
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Workplace Harassment


Our cloud hosting solutions are scalable, stable, secure, and fast, with access to industry-leading e-Discovery tools, such as kCura’s Relativity.

Advanced Data Analytics

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Data Visualization

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Project Management

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Secure Online Data Delivery

You can submit your data for processing online with our secure FTP data loading option. We have upload speeds up to 20GB per hour. Larger data collections can be shipped to us.

Technology Solutions

We develop tools and applications that facilitate collaboration, connect people, facts and timelines through data visualization, and the ability to review large amounts of electronic data in a fast and cost effective manner.