Master Services

Our master services provide a la carte eDiscovery solutions to clients at a low cost “pay-as-you-go” basis without the added overhead of human capital expenditure and related expenses. This option augments and complements firms with limited eDiscovery resources. Our master services solution comes with matter specific billing and our clients pay for only the services that they need.


Managed Services

Our managed services option is a one stop end-to-end solution. All-inclusive eDiscovery services are forensic collections, processing, production, hosting, applicable software licenses, expert personnel and support at a flat yearly premium. This subscription solution eliminates software purchase or investment, yearly software upgrade cost, and internal eDiscovery staff related expenses. We project the peaks and troughs associated with litigation and ramp up or down for each client as needed. This option significantly lowers capital expenditure and administration costs.


Technology Solutions

DataSysTek develops custom tools and applications that facilitate collaboration, connect people, facts and timelines through data visualization. We build, staff, train and/or manage Litigation Support, Practice Support and eDiscovery Resource Departments. We also provide software selection consultation, migration strategies, software roll-outs and manage change. Our technology solutions allow clients to focus on their business goals.